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Preparing Your Home for Winter


1. Furnace Inspection. Call an HVAC professional to inspect your furnace and clean ducts. Stock up on furnace filters and change them monthly.   


2. Check the Exterior, Doors and Windows. Inspect exterior for crevice cracks and exposed entry points around pipes – seal them. Use weather stripping around doors to prevent cold air from entering the home and caulk windows.


3. Inspect Roof, Gutters and Downspouts. Replace worn roof shingles or tiles. Clean out the gutters and use a hose to spray water down the downspouts to clear away debris.


4. If your home is older, ensure your drain tiles are in good shape.  Reputable companies such as Milani recommend getting your drain tiles cleaned/ flushed at least once a year before the heavy rains start.


5. Check Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors. Buy extra smoke detector batteries and change them when daylight savings ends. Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they work.


6. Prevent Plumbing Freezes. Drain all garden hoses and insulate exposed plumbing pipes. Locate your water main in the event you need to shut it off in an emergency.